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Leaving The Nest

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Senior year...I remember the excitement, trepidation and freedom that came with becoming a high school senior. The last stop before stepping out into the great unknown of adulthood is both electrifying and terrifying! But one major milestone that you just can't skip is Senior portraits. The one, sure fire way to capture this time and everything it entails. Most kids are nervous, unsure what to do with their hands, or in extreme cases, their faces, but by the end of the session, they are super models, so sure of themselves that they are unstoppable and I have to reign them in!

While I am shooting, I tend to get taken back to my time as a senior, in a year that feels like 1847, but as my children remind me, was the "late 1900's" When they say it that way, it makes me envision myself in a corset with a parasol instead of just my acid washed jeans and big bangs. I remember my senior session, feeling like I was almost grown and on the precipice of something amazing. When I look back on my senior photos now, 31 years later (gags a little) i only see a little girl with her entire life in front of her. But MAN am I glad I have those. They still hang prominently in my parents homes alongside those of my wedding, and all my children. Its a natural progression of life, right there on display.

What I am trying to say, is that it's important. Don't skip it. Don't let your weird aunt who got a new camera for Christmas take them. Don't get on Facebook marketplace and find an inexperienced "photographer" to do it just because it's cheap. You will regret it. Take the time...spend the money. Maybe 31 years later, you will be looking at them and remembering when your life was laid out in front of you, with no limitations...only dreams. Bet you will...


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